Easy Counter Terms and Conditions of Use

Fair Trade. By using Easy Counter you agree to display the counter-banner prominently on all web pages that use Easy Counter to track web page hits. The service of counting web page hits is provided in trade for advertising space on web pages that use it.

Advertising Rights. Easy Counter reserves the right to use the advertising space of the counter-banner to advertise products, services, or information at its sole discretion.

Fraudulent Use. Any use of Easy Counter to track web pages hits on web pages on which the counter-banner is not displayed shall be considered fraudulent use of Easy Counter. Companies or persons using Easy Counter in a fraudulent manner will be billed the greater of 1 cent per hit or $25 per month.

Prohibited Use. Easy Counter Inc. strictly prohibits using the Easy Counter on web pages containing pornography or similar material of an adult nature. Companies or persons using Easy Counter in a prohibited manner will be billed a fine equal to the greater of 1 cent per hit or $100 per week.

Termination. Easy Counter Inc. reserves the right to terminate counter accounts at any time and at its sole discretion.

No Warranty. Easy Counter Inc. makes no warranty, expressed of implied, regarding the fitness of Easy Counter for any purpose.

Indemnification. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Easy Counter Inc. from and against any claims, liability, loss and expense arising out of or relating to the use of Easy Counter.