Countable data behind any site.

Site facts and metrics EasyCounter can help you learn

Get a brief grasp of a selected site including review of the key parameters and indicators: site rank, keywords, subject, traffic stats, etc.

Discover which countries bring the most traffic to a site. Get a whole picture of an audience for the root domain to learn segments with a higher growth potential for a targeted content.

Estimated number of users who visited a site over a period of time, including analytics provided by Alexa and a list of sites with similar traffic stats.

Discover subdomains that are getting the most traffic and check traffic share of the requested domain shown in chart.

Find out how successful the SEO policy of a given site is: study the most popular keywords bringing users to it, the top outer sites sending clicks to it, and other important SEO stats, including the ‘all-mighty’ Google PR.

Discover WHO IS the owner of a selected site. Also, this section shows everything related to domain registration status and dates, like time left before its expiration and availability of similar domain names.

See which of the leading social networks are providing the most traffic to a website you analyze. Info on numbers of mentions in different social networks might help you discover a way to attract more visitors through social networks that weren’t yet used.

Study the technology stack used to drive a site including its content management system, backend system type and IP address.

Get a full safety analysis of a site derived from the trusted web safety control sources.

Reveal more backend details, history and public stats on any site

Explore changes in a selected domain's metadata, including website's description and keywords development.

Find out about people and companies standing behind a domain: reveal its current and previous ownership details.

Discover a domain's hosting history.

Study a domain's social media engagement over the time, explained in numbers and stats for each popular social network.

Look through positive and negative reviews on any selected domain to decide whether it is safe for your kids and PC or whether it is trustworthy in terms of business.

Choose two sites you want (or use provided site couples) to compare in terms of their key web metrics and get a decent all-round comparison report just in a few moments.

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